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Phase 1 - Discovering your Purpose of Vision and Goal for greater good

Discover your Purpose of Vision, Strategy and Goal Oriented Customer Solutions in eight simple steps as follows.

  1. Leader must have a Purpose of Vision.

  2. Leader must have a clarity of thinking to discover their Vision.

  3. This Purpose of Vision can be achieved by unwinding the mind to discover a big problem that the Leader wants to make it right.

  4. Leader must be able to acquire Knowledge, Build skills and competencies that are critical to execute the Purpose of Vision.

  5. Leader must find their motivation and enjoy discovering, inventing, or creating solutions to the problem for this Vision.

  6. Identify 80-20 Goals from the Purpose of Vision and Never lost focus of the Vision.

  7. Remember that 20% of our actions results in 80% of the benefits.

  8. Prioritize those Goals that are critical to the success of the Vision and Strategy.

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