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Leadership to Greatness!

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Leadership to Greatness is a simple, practical book that can be used by anyone to learn, apply, and transform leadership skills to deliver significant outcomes for themselves and their organizations. The book takes you through the journey of four pillars of leadership techniques that can be applied in your life. By taking you through the journey of great Leaders with examples, the book will help you to discover where you need to work to take your leadership to achieve greatness in life.

In this world, there is nothing more challenging for an individual than to discover their higher purpose, realize their true potential and lead themselves to greatness. Leadership to Greatness is a simple book detailing the step by step methods, practices, processes and techniques to teach ourselves to discover the leadership of purpose, to apply the leadership of methods, best practices and techniques to achieve greatness in our lives.

Achieving Greatness in Leadership through mastering the 4 C’s in Life. The four essential components of the Transformational Leadership are:

Clarity - Leader must have clear understanding of the strategy, vision and goals for the product, program, or project they are driving and ask questions to further improve their understanding of the same.

Competency - Leader must have the business, functional, technical and deep domain knowledge of the product, program or project they are driving and ask questions to improve their understanding.

Communication - Leader must have the ability to communicate effectively with different teams and team sizes to get and provide feedback as well as clarify the strategy, vision, and goals through execution.

Collaboration - Leader must have the ability to collaborate with cross functional teams, internal and external vendors, engineering, sales, marketing teams to co-create and deliver solutions for the strategy.

eBook Version is now available:

eBook Available on Apple:


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